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Get On Board with All Aboard!

Make the search for your new family member as successful and stress-free as possible with our easy four-step process!

We are a small, private, foster-based rescue relying on few staff members and many volunteers to operate. We do our best to respond to your requests and questions, and understand that not getting a timely response can be frustrating. You can help make the process run more smoothly if you start by reading the information below, and following the instructions we’ve provided here.

If you have a question that is not answered here, or on our FAQ page, please feel free to contact us. We love our adoptive families. Please understand that if we don’t get back to you right away, we aren’t ignoring you. We are doing our best to set priorities, and do as much as we can with the time and resources available.

Step One: Understand Your Obligation to Your New Pet

Read an overview of our adoption agreement. This is an example and you will be required to sign an adoption contract before taking your new dog or cat home. Make sure you understand what adopting a rescue pet means to your family, and to the dog or cat you are taking home.

Step Two: Apply and Become an Approved Adopter

Complete your online application using the appropriate link below. We will always confirm pet policies with landlords and spay/neuter/vaccination status of any pets in the home with your veterinarian. To improve your chances of approval and to speed up the approval process, if you are not certain that your current pets' vaccinations are up to date, or don’t know your landlord’s pet policy, contact your veterinarian and/or landlord prior to completing your application.

Dog Adoption Application Cat Adoption Application

We do our absolute best to respond to applications received within two businesses day. If we aren't able to review your application within two business days, we try very hard to review all new applications by Friday afternoon to prepare for our Saturday adoption events.

If you apply for a specific animal, please be ready to adopt within a week of an approval. Approved applications are kept on file for 6 months!

Step Three: Find Your New Best Friend

Once you’ve received adoption approval from All Aboard Animal Rescue, check our website for adoptable dogs and cats. The website will be up-to-date with currently available animals by Sunday morning. New dogs and cats may be added between Tuesday morning and Friday evening.

Your chances of finding the right dog or cat to add to your family will be best if you check the website daily, Monday through Friday.

We host weekly adoption events on Saturdays at various locations. Typically, we will have a portion of our population at our rescue office each Saturday, along with a portion at another location in our community. The best way to know where the events will be is to follow us on Facebook or Instagram as we post weekly event updates! If you do not have social media, send us an email and we would be happy to let you know where the event will be that weekend. If you have an approved application and have interest in a specific animal, we will direct you to place a hold for the first hour of the event. If you come to an event and want to adopt an animal, please be ready to take them home that day! We cannot wait to help you find the perfect companion!