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Finding Every Dog and Cat Their Forever Home

All Aboard Animal Rescue’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for both pets and people through the process of matching adoptable animals with their forever homes. We never discriminate who can ride this train. Our team of staff, volunteers, and fosters work hard to ensure every dog and cat receives all the necessary care and love they need to live a happy life. No animal shall be rejected a chance at finding their forever home due to high medical expense, age, size, breed, perceived temperament, lack of space, or too much time spent in a shelter.

Community Outreach and Education

To maintain the integrity and sustainability of our platform, we prioritize the ways in which All Aboard impacts the viewpoints and ethics of the general public. While our main focus is helping our dogs and cats safely journey to their forever homes, we also place a lot of emphasis on the educational resources we can provide to our adoptive families and the communities in which we operate. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the extreme euthanasia rates throughout the United States. The solution begins with mandatory spay and neuter laws for all rescue animals, as well as the encouraging of potential adopts to familiarize themselves with the breeds in which they are interested, responsible pet ownership, and comprehensive pet training following the adoption of any our dogs.

Grassroots Fundraising

It requires a lot of funding to keep this operation chugging along. Funding from donors is instrumental in allowing us to continue saving lives, taking in special-needs cases, restocking supplies, and supporting our partner vet, rescue staff, and volunteers. Donations also allow us to build relationships with shelters along our rescue network, and contribute to our community in a multitude of ways. Your support helps move us forward.