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To enhance the quality of life for both pets and people through the process of matching adoptable animals with their forever homes.

How We Stay on Track:​
Our “All Aboard” Philosophy - We don’t discriminate who can ride this train! Every creature deserves the opportunity to succeed, grow, and start anew.  No animal shall be rejected a chance at life due to high medical expense, age, size, breed, perceived temperament, lack of space, or too much time spent in a shelter.


The coal that fuels our engine, fosters create the opportunity to save lives beyond the measure of a shelter’s square footage alone. They provide compassion and love for our furry passengers, rehabilitate extreme cases to put them on the right path, and allow us to minimize limits on intake capacity.​


The ones who steer. Our conductors. Volunteers are our greatest ambassadors and our biggest champions. Their contribution allows us to increase adoptions, minimize adoption fees, transport animals from various locations locally and nationally, and of course, complete the dirty work without a word of complaint. Their passion and dedication to rescue drives us forward while keeping a potentially heavy job light and fun.


To maintain the integrity of our platform and keep its sustainability, our impact and resourcefulness to our community is imperative. Our pride in what we do is paired with a responsibility to ensure we contribute in ways that educate our adopting families and the communities in which we operate to reduce the extreme euthanasia rates in our country. This begins with mandatory spay and neuter laws for all rescue animals, encourages potential adopters to familiarize themselves with the breeds in which they’re interested, and expects responsibility in pet training following adoption.


As you can see, it requires a lot to keep this operation chugging along. Funding from donors allows us to continue saving lives, take in special-needs cases, refill supplies, support our sponsor vet, rescue staff and volunteers, build relationships with shelters along our Underground Tailroad, and contribute to our community in a multitude of ways. Your support moves us forward.

all aboard pet rescue

“All Aboard!”