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Frequently Asked Questions:

How often is your website updated?
Our website is updated daily. All dogs and puppies that are adopted at our adoption events will be removed from our website by Saturday evening. We post new dogs and puppies throughout the week. By Tuesday’s most of the dogs that will be available at our next adoption event will be listed on our website.

Where do you get your dogs from?
All of our dogs and puppies are rescued from high-kill shelters in TX, NM and Eastern CO. Most of our dogs were on euthanasia lists when we tagged them to bring them in. Yes, even the puppies.

Why are there so many dogs in need of rescue?
Unfortunately, in many places people do not spay and neuter their pets or care for them well. In these areas there are tons of dogs roaming the streets that were abandoned, born feral or got lost and no one ever looked for them. People also get dogs as cute little puppies and then decide that they are too much work or no longer want them when they turn into big, naughty teenage dogs.

Where do the dogs stay between events?
All of our dogs stay in foster homes between our adoption events. We use foster homes because this gives us a chance to get to know the dogs personalities. It also gives us a chance to start working on socialization and training with the dogs. It also limits the stress we have to put these dogs through and gives us a chance to make sure they are healthy.

What breed is my dog?
As a rescue all of our dogs come to us from high-kill shelters or other rescues, so we do not get a lot of background or information on these dogs. We occasionally receive the mother with the puppies, but in most cases both parents are unknown. Because of this we do not know the full breeding of the dogs. We are required to list the dogs based on the breeds provided to us on their records, but they are all mixed breeds as far as we know, and we cannot guarantee the actual breeds of any of these dogs. Since the full breeding of the dogs is unknown we can also only give you an educated guess on the full-grown size of the dogs. 

Are all of your dogs spayed or neutered?
All dogs over 6 months of age will be altered, or the procedure will be included in your adoption fee through our partner vet. Because it can be detrimental to their health and development, dogs under 6 months of age will not be spayed or neutered. We will take a state required deposit to ensure that the dog does get fixed. We also provide discounts on the procedure through our partner vet.

What happens if things don’t work out?
AAAR will always take our dogs back. However, we do ask that you give the dog time to settle in and get adjusted. Many issues that may arise are due to stress, adjustments, or lack of training. Most issues can be resolved with the proper time and training. You can find resources to help you with training issues on our resource page. We also work with a great trainer we are happy to get you in touch with and we are always happy to answer questions and provide support. If the issue cannot be resolved through training or puts your family, pets or your newly adopted dog at risk we will take back our dogs and find them a different home that may be a better fit. Please be aware though that since we are foster based we do have to have an available foster home for the dog to go back to and this may take us a day or two to find. Adoption fees are nonrefundable.

What do we receive with our adopted dog?
All adoptions include up to date vaccines, 30 days free of pet insurance, a free vet exam and discounts through our partner vet, a goody bag, and a Petco coupon booklet. For dogs over 6 months of age the adoption fee will also include spay/neuter and microchip.